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Edgewood Symphony Orchestra

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The Edgewood Symphony Orchestra is a non-profit organization founded in 1989. Over 70 volunteer musicians with extensive backgrounds of musical training and experience dedicate their time and talents to the ESO. Under the direction of Maestro Walter Morales, a native of Costa Rica and active concert pianist and recording artist, the orchestra has cemented the Edgewood Symphony’s reputation as the premier community orchestra in the Pittsburgh region.

The musicians come from more than 40 communities in four counties, and among its ranks are doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers, students, and business people. They rehearse every Tuesday evening and present 6 to 8 concerts a year, including a yearly appearance at Edgewood Community Days and on the Citiparks Bach, Beethoven and Brunch series. The musicians are also committed to educational and community outreach and spend significant time developing and presenting educational programs in the local schools and libraries, performing at senior living facilities, and as guests at various events to promote the mission of the ESO.

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The board of directors includes energetic volunteers from both the community and players. Its yearly budget is funded through grants, member donations, ticket sales and corporate and community contributions.

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Military Connections

Military Connections is a Pittsburgh-based non-profit organization that sends equipment, care packages, and supplies to military personnel serving overseas. For almost 15 years Military Connections and its volunteers have been shipping food, snacks, healthcare items, socks, magazines, and entertainment items like playing cards and CDs. In December 2016, RB Control Systems employees got in the holiday spirit and collected food and monetary donations for this worthy case. Our team’s donations allowed Military Connections to send 20 care packages!

Military Connections:


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Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium



RB Pool and Spa Software supports the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium adopt an animal program. Spring time indicates the time of year RB Pool and Spa Software selects a new animal to adopt at the Pittsburgh Zoo for the year. These contributions help provide care, feeding, enrichment & medical care to the animals while supporting the Zoo’s commitment to wildlife conservation, both locally and around the world.


This year we have chosen to adopt the black rhinos at the Pittsburgh zoo. Three black rhino’s reside at the zoo. A male named Jomo, his female mate Azizi and their three year old daughter Janine. Adult black rhinoceroses are generally solitary creatures. Rhinoceros skin is naked or hairless, with the exception of short, fringe – like hair on their ears. They typically have two horns, which are made of keratin, and females tend to have longer and thinner horns than males. Smaller heads, shorter ears, shorter horns and a pointed prehensile upper lip distinguished the black rhino from other rhino species. The prehensile, or grasping, lip is used to pick up more than 50 pound twins and grasses each day.
Black Rhinoceros Facts
Length: 10 to 12 feet
Weight: 1700 to 3100 pounds
Life Span: 30 – 50 years
Diet: Twigs, wood shrubs, small trees, legumes, grass
Range: Deserts, grasslands, forests in areas of Cameroon, Namibia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and Kenya.
Population: Critically endangered 3,000 to 4,500 in the wild





Did You Know?
A black rhinoceros pregnancy lasts approximately 15 months. Females usually give birth to one offspring at a time. Babies typically weigh between 45 – 55 pounds a birth.

A black rhino calf remains dependent on his or her mother for up to four years.

To stay cool during hot weather, black rhinos roll on the ground and cover their bodies in mud.

To communicate their territory with other animals, black rhinos use scent marking, grunting and snorting.