Boost Sales with In-Store Videos

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October 3, 2014
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October 16, 2014

Play videos to demonstrate the features and benefits of your products. In no time you’ll have a group of customers watching your TV set. We have six televisions hanging strategically around the stores with a pyramid of products underneath with a nice big sale sign. Watch pool and spa customers pick up the products and take them to the cash registers. The TV’s make excellent salespeople while keeping customers occupied when all of your salespeople are busy.

Choose whatever size TV’s fit in the areas that you have to display. We have one on a gondola end cap that is only 19 inches, and five hanging around the store that are 42 inches. Go to a local retailer and make a deal for the quantity that you need. They are not that expensive and will quickly pay for themselves. Don’t forget you need DVD players. We have chosen the external ones because they are inexpensive and easier to get to when we need to change the video.

Select some higher margin impulse items and contact your vendors to see if they have a video available that will promote their product. The higher margin impulse items are the key to increasing sales.  You don’t want to show a video of something that everyone usually comes in to buy.

Don’t forget to put one above the counter so that the people in line have something to watch. If you have been to Disney World, you have watched the TV’s while waiting in line for the rides. They do that to keep you occupied and keep your mind off the wait. It will work in your retail store just the same. You have more pleasant customers when they get to the register and they might just buy something extra.

If you are going to create your own videos, use professional production facilities; a shoddy video will reflect badly on your business. There are also TV’s available that have a built in slide show maker that you can use with a jump drive, or ones with Wi-Fi capabilities if you want to make your own slide show. Use simple language and let the pictures tell the story and don’t make it too long. You want everyone to see it in its entirety. And, make sure that it sells the benefits of the products.

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