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December 17, 2013
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January 14, 2014

Everyone in business needs to understand the importance of email list building. You need to stay current and relevant. This means building up an email database of people who are potential and actual customers and who are willing to receive information from you about your products and services.

Sending promotions and keeping in contact with your customers via email is a very low cost advertising method. It is important to use an email service such as Mail Chimp or Constant Contact to send out e-blast promotions and newsletters. These services are low cost, make it easy to create the mailings, enable you to set timed mailings, organize multiple types of customer lists, and keep you in line with the rules for allowing all recipients to opt out.

How do you build your list? Have customers sign up when they come in your store, and add text to your receipts with instructions to sign up online. You can give something away to encourage people to join your email list. This may be a $10 gift card that you can reward everyone that joins, or enter them into a prize drawing for a larger amount. You may want to do both since it is so important for your customer base to be on your list. They already love and buy from you so why not bring them back more often with special deals and online coupons.

Get your staff involved. They need to enthusiastically tell your customers in 30 seconds or less the benefits of being on your email list. They must be consistent telling everyone who comes into the store that they will receive coupons with VIP promotions, event invitations, newsletters, and tips about caring for their pool and spa. Your staff can ensure your customers that you will not share or sell their information. These are all appealing benefits to your customers for taking care of their investment and backyard vacation. Add a gift card or give-away and you will undoubtedly get everyone to participate.

To capture the email details on your web site you will need a lead capture page. This is a single webpage created solely to obtain opt-in email addresses. The page should briefly explain the benefits of your company and inform readers that they can get more valuable information and special coupon savings for free when they enter their email into the form located on the page. The email marketing program you use comes equipped with these forms to easily add to your existing web page.

Whether you have people sign up in your store or online, it is important they sign up thus giving you permission to send them information. If your email service receives complaints that you are spamming people they could discontinue your services.

Brainstorm with your staff and create a written plan and you will start to notice your list growing and in turn, your business growing.

  • How will you encourage people to join your list?
  • What will you give them?
  • What will you send them in your emails?
  • How often will you send them?

When you discuss what to send in your emails and how often you will send them, you should make it a one year plan. Deciding in advance keeps you on target during your busy season and keeps you working toward your goals. This should coincide with your marketing plan.

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