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September 19, 2016
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March 16, 2017

You will not find any other Point of Sale & Business Management software system in the pool & spa industry as easy to use and with as many HELP features as RB Pool and Spa Software software.

Our Operations Manual is hosted online, accessible through the RB Pool and Spa Software programs Help Menu and is easily searchable. The manual includes step by step instructions for every feature RB Controls Systems offers in addition to a variety of step by step instructions for widely used procedures and processes.

Monthly newsletters take a closer look at specific RB Pool and Spa Software modules explaining in detail user benefits and implementation recommendations. These newsletters are emailed to all current customers but are also accessible. (From the Help menu inside RB Pool and Spa Software to all staff)

Online video training tutorials allow staff to log in and watch video training classes at times convenient for them. This alleviates managers and owners from being tied up training the basics of your businesses software program.

Learning RB Pool and Spa Software is easy when you and your staff can experiment and learn in the Practice Company. Want to try something new for the first time? Click and copy your current data over to the Practice Company and experiment with it. Once you know the procedure that you want to use, jump back over to the live program and proceed. Copy your live data to the Practice Company so practicing and training is enhanced with your familiar data. Security is taken into consideration in the Practice Company so your data remains secure.

After a software update you will receive an automatic email inside your RB Pool and Spa Software software informing staff an update to the software has taken place. Each update has documentation accompanying it that is posted to our website. This documentation provides information on what features have been updated and any fixes to the software that were included in the version of the software updated.

Email support is always an option for those non-urgent questions that come up throughout your day. Emailing RB Pool and Spa Software support is easily done through the Help menu right inside your software program. Email support is answered by RB Pool and Spa Software technicians via email so as not to interrupt your day.

After hours & on the weekends we have a technician on call to answer your emergency calls. This emergency assistance is included at no extra charge with your support.

Our phone support goes above and beyond. Our techs are available Monday – Friday to answer your questions. With your assistance our techs can connect to your computers viewing the same information you see on the screen. This allows them to help you more quickly or even manually assist if necessary.

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