Customers (CRM)

Whether sales, construction or service, RB Retail and Service Solutions connects all aspects of interaction that your company has with its customers. RB automatically generates customer profiles which provide staff with immediate access to important information, such as history of purchases, products owned, pool and spa size, stored images and schematics, previous water problems, equipment profiles, personal information, directions, and more. This gives you the tools to create an overall exceptional customer service experience that will keep customers coming back to you.

Customers shopping


RB Retail and Service Solutions software has many valuable sales reports and provides you with the information you need to make business decisions based on facts, not speculation. Know which products your customers are buying and which ones they are not to determine reasons as to why. Know how many customers you have, which are loyal and which are at risk so you can create targeted marketing plans. Track how customers have learned about your company and promotions to know what advertising dollars work and which do not.

Unlimited Customer Database

An unlimited customer database supports your growing business, and you will always be able to keep a cleansed database with the ability to combine duplicate customers. Import new or purchased customer lists through the customer import features, and build upon your mailing and e-mail lists by tracking all sales and customers through the system. You will quickly generate the best mailing list that you ‘didn’t need to buy'. Categorize customers through user-defined fields and create targeted advertising campaigns. The integration to Mail Chimp, FREE email marketing online software, makes it easy to export lists and create effective email flyers.

The integration to Open Street Maps provides you with directions to your customer’s homes that are automatically saved in the system and updated to service call slips and itineraries. Open Street Maps will optimize the daily routes for your employees working in the field.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Assign customer loyalty cards to easily track and build the purchase history of your customers. Market an effective Loyalty Rewards Program that is easily tracked through the system to retain customers. Personalized maintenance calendars and chemical tip sheets make the perfect handout for customers that will keep them coming back to your store for chemicals.


Flag messages allow staff members to communicate information about the customer to co-workers. Automatic alerts inform you of customers with outstanding balances, available in-store credit, open quotes, and open transactions. Attach pictures and files to specific customers and organize all of the customers’ unique equipment data and serial numbers in one place. With RB Online Bill Pay, consumers conveniently pay their invoices online.


Separate current customers from sales leads and create follow-ups to track the sales process. Use follow-ups for sales leads and for current customers to strengthen relationships. Sales force activities, such as tracking leads, scheduling sales calls, mailings, and generating reports ensure proper and timely follow up. Keep a handle on your sales team with reports of employee sales performance and the ability to easily track spiffs and commissions.

Mobile Live Service

Stay connected in real time with your in-field staff through RB Mobile Live Service on their smartphones or tablets. Service technicians can take payments on their smartphones with a magnetic strip reader or manual entry, and for the ultimate in customer service, they can email a virtual door hanger informing the customer of the work performed.


Create Emails inside RB Retail and Service Solutions and send messages to customers to confirm service call appointments, email quotes, invoices, etc. Conveniently reach out to customers and track your communications through RB.

A streamlined process between your POS system and your water analysis software provides an even better and faster service to your customers.

With the RB Mobile Live retail tablet Line Buster feature, give your customers the choice of a printed receipt, an emailed receipt or both.

By remaining organized with the scheduler system, the follow up call tracking and the affective integrated internal communication tools, you can take care of all of your customers’ needs.