Employee Management

Employee Management

One of the most important aspects of internal processes, customer service, and a successful business is internal communication. Employees, management and company owners need to communicate with one another and need to ensure no customers’ needs are forgotten. Security controls employee accesses to each module of the Point of Sale software.

Inter-office Messaging

Improve communication and reduce the frequency of meetings with inter-office messaging.Keep employees informed of company information and procedural changes. Communicate to one person, a group of people, or everyone in the company. This works great for managers who work opposite shifts, and allows sales staff to communicate with installers, delivery, and service staff.

Automatic e-mail notifications include — Notification of price updates, notification to Accounts Payable for refund checks,follow-up call results, and when special order items have been added to inventory.

Employee Time Clock

Employees sign in and out on the computer workstations and are automatically notified of the number of unread messages and unfinished follow-Up calls they have.

Maintain control of overtime hours with time clock tracking and send employee time sheets to QuickBooks® integrated payroll.

Follow-Up Calls

Easily track customer calls and requests through follow-up calls. For example, if a call comes in for an employee who is out in the field — you can easily forward the message with the customer's name and phone number automatically populated. The recipient has the option to complete the call or transfer it to another employee. At the touch of a button, you can create a follow-up call in the sale, sales order, or customer screens.

  • Future follow-up call reminders ensure that customers and prospects are not neglected
  • Create calls from inside the receiving screen to call the customer when merchandise arrives
  • Send a follow-up to the service department when parts needed for a service call have arrived
  • Schedule follow-up calls for new sales leads, special orders, problems, or any other important information

Flagged Messages

Communicate with sales staff at the time of sale — a flagged message in bold red text will inform your staff if any necessary action is necessary prior to the sale or the customer leaving your store — such as NSF check notifications, or if a contract signature is required. Staff members are automatically informed with a blinking red message if the customer has a Holding Sale, a Quote, a Sales Order, an In-Store Credit or an Open Accounts Receivable invoice.

Customer Notes

Customer notes keep track of important customer information that your staff may need to know. Special comments allow you to record information about a sale or sales order and are saved in that customer's transaction history.

Wish Lists

The "Wish List" is an effective communication tool that enables staff to contribute ideas to inventory purchases based on what they see is low stock.

Purchase Orders

Because inventory is one of your company’s bloodlines, it is important that communication tools are built in to gel the Purchasing, Receiving, AP Costing, and Returned Goods modules together. RB Retail and Service Solutions automatically sends customer, merchandise, special notes, and transaction information from the sales order through each phase of purchasing and receiving.

Communicating with your vendors is easier with Back Order reports & A/P Costing Discrepancy reports. You have the ability to fax or email your back order and discrepancy reports to your vendors for easier review and resolution.