Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Bar CodeGain control of your inventory and maintain your sanity in today's fast-paced business environment.

Inventory control is a key component in running a lean and profitable business. RB Retail and Service Solutions provides the tools needed to tighten logistics, manage cycle counts and gain a renewed sense of control over your inventory. Don't fall victim to inaccuracies or be overrun with frustration, missed sales, surprising shortages and lost income. RB increases accuracy and efficiency in inventory management.

RB Retail and Service Solutions provides pool and spa dealers with a robust inventory management module that includes all of the following:

  • Unlimited crossover part numbers
  • Kit Creator for selling pool, spa and other packages
  • Custom Kit Builder
  • Automated customer equipment profiles
  • Mass inventory adjustments
  • Automated ordering methods
  • Wish List ordering communication tool
  • Purchasing, Receiving and Accounts Payable Costing
  • Tracking special orders and backorders
  • Returned goods orders
  • Warehouse transfers
  • Warranty tracking
  • Serial numbers
  • Selling tools to increase sales
  • Multiple price levels
  • Integration to pool industry vendors
  • Manage multiple locations and multiple warehouses
  • Multi-level employee security

Easily search inventory by department, category, vendor or description or a combination of any. Unique to RB Retail and Service Solutions is the ability to search inventory by typing any portion of an item's description! The exclusive RB Simple Search™ allows you to also take advantage of the same easy description search in a sale or sales order.

Select the percentage mark up or margin for each item and the retail price is automatically calculated. You can revise retail prices and the percentage markup/margin will be adjusted to reflect the revised price. Choose to have the Point of Sale system send an automated message to staff when retail prices are changed. This keeps all sales people and service technicians informed of changes and keeps shelf tags updated to prevent issues with shoppers.

Attach Insta-Text™ to any item in inventory to print on receipts. For example, attach the text for items like solar and winter pool covers, "All returns under warranty are done directly through the manufacturer. Please keep the paperwork inside the box." This clarifies your return policies in writing directly on the receipt. These messages are automatically applied when the specified items are added to sales orders which prevent future misunderstandings and problems.

Pool Corp (SCP)

RB Retail and Service Solutions Point of Sale and Business Management Software, a software program designed specifically for the pool and spa industry, is integrated with the Pool Corp system. The integration allows users to electronically submit purchase orders from RB Retail and Service Solutions directly to Pool Corp and electronically review orders, back orders and accounts payable line items which will streamline communications between pool dealers and their Pool Corp distributors.  Another aspect of the integration is the ability to mass import all new inventory items and mass update costs on all existing inventory items. The Pool Corp and RB Retail and Service Solutions integration improves quality control and efficiency.


Pool and spa parts are easy to find, sell and order for your customers with RB Retail and Service Solutions integration to Optimus Online. Optimus has over 20,000 pool & spa parts in stock plus reduced pricing, low flat rate shipping, extended same day shipping hours, and no minimum order or handling fees. The integration allows users to electronically submit purchase orders from RB Retail and Service Solutions directly to Optimus Online, get pricing, and drop ship special orders directly to your customer’s home which will save time in-house and streamline the special order process.

Inventory Reports

Organize and print hundreds of inventory reports by revenue center, department, category, vendor, warehouse or other criteria. Select the start and end dates for reports and print summaries or drill down to more detailed reports. RB Retail and Service Solutions Point of Sale software automates inventory management in many ways. It is quick and easy with many inventory reports to assist important marketing and purchasing decisions.

Physical Inventory

Easily do physical inventory using the paper method from printed reports or the handheld data collector. You can even do inventory through your smartphone or tablet with RB Mobile Live.

Combine Inventory Items

Keep a clean inventory database with the ability to combine inventory items if you have duplicates in the Point of Sale system due to a misplaced dash or incorrect number.