Event Planner

RB Retail and Service Solutions Event Planning module enables you to set your sale prices for each of the sale dates so that they are automatically put into effect for each event. This automated process takes care of a big task that you will not need to worry about during the busy season or the week of event preparation, and selecting the products in advance and deciding on the sale prices ensures that margins remain profitable. Whether you plan one, two or ten events per season, select your dates and make a solid plan in advance for each. This will make it easier to implement the events or sales during the season when you and your staff are busy taking care of daily operations.

Preplanning your events when you have the time will contribute to a more profitable pool & spa season and ease some of the in-season stress associated with the busiest times of the summer.

Sign Design

RB Sign Design is easy to use by allowing you to quickly create professional signage and marketing for your entire store. What makes RB Sign Design different from other sign creating software? It is integrated to the Event Planner and the Inventory so inventory and sale savings information automatically populates into the module for quick creation.

The Sign Design module lets you create signs from inside the module or from inventory sent over from the Event Planning module. You can select from a variety of colorful designs created specifically for the pool and spa retailer. Choose from three different sizes, while adding customized information, such as your store name.

Signs are great silent sales people, and when uniform and professional, they make a powerful sales tool!

Targeted Mailings & Emails

Everyone in business needs to understand the importance of capturing email and mailing addresses to build up a database of people who are potential and actual customers and who want to receive information from you about your products and services.

RB Retail and Service Solutions not only helps you build your lists, but also helps you build targeted lists so you can market to specific groups of customers such as: in-ground for a safety cover mailing, biguanide for a specialized chemical offer, weekly maintenance customers, commercial accounts, etc. You customize the customer types to maximize your direct mail dollars and make your email efforts count.

Mail Chimp Email Service Integration

Sending promotions and keeping in contact with your customers via email is a very low cost advertising method. It is important to use an email service, such as Mail Chimp, to send out e-blast promotions and newsletters. Mail Chimp is free for up to 2,000 addresses and very low cost if you have over 2,000 email addresses. Mail Chimp makes it easy to create the mailings, enables you to set timed mailings, organizes multiple types of customer lists, and keeps you in line with the rules for allowing all recipients to opt out.

Referrals and Tracking Coupons

Don’t spend money on advertising and coupons that don’t work and are not worth repeating. Track how new customers have heard of your company and which ads or coupons are being used on each transaction. You can also see the effect that discounts have on your profit margin.

Gift Cards

Do you have one of those sales people who think that giving a discount is the easiest way to make a sale? They may be right, but what about your profit they are giving away? If your product has a profit margin of 40% and your sales people give a 10% discount to make the sale, you’re losing 25% of the available profit!

The internet is your biggest competitor these days and some prices online are just too low to match and survive in business. Price matching with gift cards is a powerful sales tool. This method of price matching and discounting is well received by customers and keeps the profits more in line with what you need to make. RB Retail and Service Solutions has a built in gift card program that enables you to sell gift cards or use them as complimentary credits for price matching and event promotions.