Don’t fall behind in both procedure and technology in your invoicing processes. Create a solid billing process that makes it easier and more convenient for your customers to pay their bills. Get tools that make billing easier, less expensive and less time consuming for you all at the same time. No longer pay for envelopes, stamps, labels, paper or printer ink. Save big on labor costs by eliminating the mailings, and no more processing the payments.

The RB Controls Systems Accounts Receivable module is directly integrated to RB Online Bill Pay to streamline the online process.

Your customers are used to paying their bills online so you will simply be added to their list of online payments. Give them the convenience of securely paying their bills online with a credit card. You’ll get paid faster while saving time and money.

Consider the following to minimize late payer problems:

  • Make it easier for customers to pay using a credit card with RB Online Bill Pay
  • Stay organized and efficient with RB Pool and Spa Software Accounts Receivable tools
  • Email bills to save time and money
  • Communicate via e-mail to spend less time on awkward follow-ups
  • Eliminate the office labor required to process payments

Using the RB Online Bill Pay module is only 50 cents per transaction and your special low rate processing fee set up for your Online Bill Pay module. Basically, it is just the cost of the stamp! All of the other expenses of the billing process are a true savings. Send your invoices via email and you will no longer pay for envelopes, stamps, labels, paper, or printer ink all while saving money on labor costs by eliminating the billing and payment processing time.