Point of Sale

Present your store professionally and keep the lines moving faster using barcode scanners for sales, price checks, returns and exchanges. Create loyal customers and increase sales with the built in loyalty rewards program and customized chemical maintenance calendars. Provide even better and faster service with the RB Mobile Live retail Line Buster feature, or use it to work the floor with inventory look ups and instant access to customer profiles. Using a tablet: Complete sales transactions, process credit cards and email receipts.

RB Retail and Service Solutions has many valuable sales reports and provides you with the information you need to make business decisions based on facts, not speculation. Know which products sell the least and the best, which produce the highest profit margins and which are not priced appropriately. Know how many customers you have, which are loyal and which are at risk so you can create targeted marketing plans. See average ticket sales, and which sales people are your highest producers and who needs help to increase their selling potential.

Build quotes, convert sales leads, and sell kits, layaways, special orders, service orders, and big ticket items through the sales order section. Apply contracts and utilize the exclusive Smart Contracting feature to ensure your sales staff has asked all necessary questions to complete a contract. Print a picking ticket and send service appointments, deliveries and onsite sales calls directly to the Scheduler from the sales orders for a streamlined process.

Easily Process credit cards directly through RB Retail and Service Solutions to eliminate mistakes and ensure the correct end of day tally. RB will work with your processor, or for a money savings; you can process with an RB credit card partner.

RB Retail and Service Solutions automatically generates customer profiles, which provide immediate access to important information such as history of purchases, products owned, pool and spa size, stored images and schematics, previous water problems and equipment profiles.

RB Retail and Service Solutions Point of Sale, designed specifically for the pool and spa industry, is integrated with the Pool Corp system, and Optimus online. These integrations allow users to electronically look up products and submit purchase orders directly from the cash register in RB to Pool Corp and Optimus which will streamline the sales process and ensure that placing special orders is never overlooked.

Also, because RB Retail and Service Solutions Point of Sale is designed specifically for pool and spa dealers, it is integrated with the leading industry water analysis software systems for streamlining customer and water test information between your water analysis software and point of sale software.

Other point of sale features

  • Simple inventory searches
  • Applying coupons or discounts to individual items or the entire sale
  • Tracking coupon profit margins before and after discounts are taken
  • Placing sales on hold
  • Applying payments by cash, check, credit card, traveler’s check, in-store credit, or special financing
  • Selling customized gift cards or using them as complimentary credits
  • Tracking commission based on gross sales or gross profit with selected variables
  • From inside the cash register, create follow-up calls instantly so customer’s needs are never overlooked


Pre-set Insta-Text™ for inventory items prints disclaimers, warranty information, or specific item return policies automatically on receipts. Each receipt prints customized text, the sales person’s name, store information and your logo. If you gave a customer a discount, it will print how much the customer saved on the purchase and will show how many loyalty rewards points the customer has accumulated. A unique transaction number will print as a barcode for future reference or returns & exchanges. Give your customers the choice of a printed receipt, an emailed receipt or both.

Maintenance Calendar & Trouble Shooting Handouts

Personalized chemical maintenance calendars, opening and closing tip sheets, and chemical troubleshooting forms generated in RB Retail & Service Solutions work independently or with your water analysis software. Increase sales at the counter with these customized handouts displaying your products with dosages inserted for your customer's pool or spa volume. Custom handouts are a proven method to keep customers coming back to your store for their maintenance products.

Returns and Exchanges

Refunds are easy and accurate by scanning the barcode on customers' receipts. Discounts and coupons given at the time of sale are automatically applied to the refund. The refund screen provides an easy one step process to handle an even exchange, a return in which you owe the customer money or an exchange in which the customer owes you money. The item will be returned to inventory or sent to the RGO holding bin. You can refund by cash, charge card, or in-store credit at the cash register. If the customer wrote a check earlier the same day, you can select to return the original check. If a refund check needs to be mailed, an inter-office e-mail is immediately sent to the person who writes those checks. The e-mail includes the customer's name and address, the transaction number of the original sale and for what amount the check is to be written.

Sales Tools

  • Related item suggestion sell pop ups increase sales at the counter
  • General information pop ups to remind sales staff when they sell an item to inform the customer of important information about the item or to remind themselves of something they need to do at the time of the sale.
  • Chemical maintenance calendars, chemical trouble shooting forms, and open and closing tip sheets where products are highlighted in yellow to promote your staff to put the items on the counter to sell. Even new sales staff looks like experts with the help of handouts, then customers have an easy to follow checklist at home which decreases questioning phone calls.
  • Clearance item tracker to clear out dead merchandise through sales incentives
  • Game Tracker feature to increase sales through sales incentives

Accounts Receivable

RB Retail and Service Solutions Accounts Receivable module provides tools to enter credit limits, easily convert sales and service orders to A/R invoices, print your statements and automatically create late fee invoices for overdue accounts at the touch of a button. Create past due notices and letters to mail to your customers that are automatically attached to the customer’s profile to easily access at any time.

Don’t fall behind in both procedure and technology in your billing process. RB Retail and Service Solutions Online Bill Pay creates a solid billing process that makes it easier and more convenient for your customers to pay their bills. At the same time, you have tools that make billing easier, less expensive and less time consuming. Give your customers the convenience of securely paying their bills online with a credit card.

Send your bills via email, and you will no longer pay for envelopes, stamps, labels, paper, or printer ink all while saving money on labor costs by eliminating the billing and payment processing time.