Customer Reports

Increase your customers and sales by identifying your loyal customers, the ones that are lost and the one that you are at risk of losing. Create targeted mailings and emails to these customers to build your business. You will know your customers buying habits and be able to capitalize on that information. Sales Lead reports with customer and call information keep sales staff up to date with follow up.

Inventory Reports

Knowing which products sell and which do not is an important part of using your POS system to improve sales. Know what you always need to have on hand and what you should discount or discontinue. With RB, you won’t have to wait until an item collects dust on the shelves to know it isn’t selling. Increase presence in your store and make your square footage work for you.

Utilize trend, profit, and product reports to make sure you are making the margins you need and have all of the products information in your database.

Create automated purchase orders with your choice of product activity, product sold and seasonal scheme reports. Print purchase order and receiving reports, and track backorders, inventory cost discrepancies, warranty claims, and returned goods so you always have a handle your inventory orders and returns.

Daily Sales Reports

View graphs and charts of sales by sales person and revenue center, accounts receivable, open sales orders, booked and delivered figures, and sales by time of day on the RB Dashboard.

Average ticket sales per location, average ticket by revenue center, itemized payments, drawer totals, sale tax, discounts given, daily sales activity, no sales, journal entries, and sales transaction details are some of the many sales reports available at the touch of a button.

Employee Reports

Time clock reports make the payroll job quick. RB also calculates commission paid on gross profit or retail sales and can be filtered by revenue center and category with multiple sort options. You can also see the number of pools and spas sold, clearance items and game tracking items sold by employee are included in the commission report center.

Service Reports

Service orders, itineraries, weekly schedules, daily schedules, revolving service customers and history reports are all integral parts of the service module that enable your business to operate at maximum efficiency.

Construction Reports

Job costing and budget comparison reports track the financial aspects of the jobs while progress management keeps you informed of the physical aspects of all open jobs. RB Retail and Service Solutions calculates the use tax to be paid.