Scheduling and Service

Scheduling and Service

RB Retail and Service Solutions is the ideal solution for pool and spa companies of all sizes that perform infield services.Imagine generating more revenue because you have increased productivity and profitability by streamlining daily pool and spa service operations. RB Retail and Service Solutions provides the easiest and most efficient ways to track customers, dispatches, billings, inventory, service history, technicians and more. An easy one-time setup is all it takes to manage recurring cleaning and maintenance customers. Best of all, RB connects your service customers to their construction and retail purchases. The drag and drop scheduler supports unlimited users from multiple locations at the same time, optimizes routes, and links all jobs to an invoice so no billings go unaccounted for. Use the customized and personalized service slips to give field technicians their necessary job information or use RB Mobile Live for a true in-field advantage. Your customer’s will love the convenience of the Online Bill Pay, and you will benefit by saving time and money in the office.

Drag & Drop Color Coded Schedule

The drag & drop color coded scheduler makes it easy for pool and spa professionals to schedule jobs or appointments and make modifications. Access the schedule through the service module of the program or through sales orders and schedule appointments at the time of a sale or phone call or at a later date from the holding bin, which retains appointment information that is waiting to be scheduled.

Employee Templates provide the ability to create a template for an employees work week if they have certain days off during select times of the year, and select the date range to apply it. This will block off the times when to you cannot schedule jobs for them.

Plot requested days and times off for doctor appointments and special requests.

The schedule automatically tracks a history of changes for all appointments so you are aware of how many times an appointment has be moved in order to make better customer service decisions on additional revisions.

View job information by clicking on a job inside the scheduler or by opening the service order. Create job notes that print on weekly and daily schedules, and on service call slips.

Large service companies can group types of teams such as in-ground pool construction crews, above ground pool crews, and spa repair techs, and maintenance teams for viewing at a glance.

Print schedules for teams or service personnel and view all crew’s appointments “at a glance.” Specify availability of each service person or installation team.

Service Itineraries

Generate itineraries with or without directions as an overview of your service tech’s day. Get directions and optimized routes.

Utilize the barcodes on the itinerary for quick recall of the orders after the jobs are finished so you can add labor and parts used on the job onto the open service order in the system.

Scheduling Through a Sales Order

It is a quick and easy process to add an appointment onto the schedule from inside a sales order whether scheduling a onetime repair, delivery, sales call, onsite inspection, a one day job, or multiple days for a job. Choose the type of service from the drop down menu, select the desired week from the date picker, and choose the appropriate staff from an unlimited number of service, installation or delivery teams. If you are not the person who does the scheduling, simply place your appointment in the Holding Bin. At that time, you can also opt to send the scheduling supervisor a quick follow up call.

Revolving Service

RB Retail and Service Solutions Revolving Service feature provides pool and spa dealers’ flexibility and options to choose the way that you want it to work for you. Revolving service providers can schedule customer’s preferred service person, their preferred day of the week, frequency, location, type and time of service.

Create multiple types of revolving services for each customer, such as weekly pool cleanings, pool openings, and pool closings. Services can be weekly, multiple days per week, monthly or annually. Select to plot directly on the schedule or go to the holding bin to be manually placed.

When you create your services for the week, the computer automatically:

  • Places all appointments on the schedule
  • Creates all necessary sales orders or accounts receivable invoices
  • Creates all necessary in-field service forms and checklists
  • Informs you of any schedule conflicts

Choose to bypass the schedule if your calls are routine or choose to bypass the sales order and send your invoice straight to accounts receivable if you do flat rate pricing.

Customized Service Call Slips

Print an unlimited number of customized in-field pool and spa service call, delivery, warranty and inspection forms, and customized checklists. Print drawing forms with customer information, directions and other important information for each type of service you offer. These include the ability to apply your preferred customized data, such as equipment profiles, job notes, time notes, parts with or without prices and more!

Picking Tickets

Print picking tickets for warehouse staff to pull an order, or for service and installation staff to use a guide for the merchandise needed for a job.

Delivery Tickets

Print delivery slips with the customer’s name, address and phone numbers. Delivery slips include the merchandise to be delivered, directions to the customer’s location, along with delivery date and time. Delivery slips have a line for customer signatures to verify receipt.

Service Vehicle Inventory Control

Utilize the Warehouse Transfer module to easily transfer and track inventory in service vehicles. The Preset Lists and the Wish List™ make it quick and easy.

Warranty Tracking

Track warranty items and repairs from start to finish in the warranty tracking module. To create a new warranty claim select a customer, vendor and item from inside the warranty form. A sales order to take care of the customer and a returned goods orders to work with the vendor will automatically be created. Track parts needed, scheduled appointments, prorated customer payments, and vendor credits.

Mobile Live Service

Pool and spa service technicians can go mobile with RB Retail and Service Solutions and RB Service Pro so they have what they need to operate more efficiently than ever! It is easy to use in the field and is a big time saver back at the office.

View all Scheduled Jobs along with the Customer’s Information including equipment profile, job notes, directions and pictures on record. With RB Mobile Live you have immediate access to all updates done at the office, and the office is instantly updated with your work.

Go green and save time - eliminate service forms: Record your pool or spa water test results and any visible water problems, and test readings will automatically be recorded as a matter of permanent record in the RB customer module. RB Mobile Live will even calculate recommended dosages. Then, add job notes and select from an easy to use customized check list to record the service work performed. Add the parts and chemicals used directly to the Sales Order through the mobile device.

Never miss ordering a part needed for a customer. Technicians can place their parts orders on the Wish List from the job site and they will immediately be in RB Retail and Service Solutions for the purchasing agent.

To take customer service to the next level, your service tech can email your customers a virtual door hanger to let them know they were there and the work that was performed.

To ensure you get paid, use a magnetic strip reader on your smartphone or tablet and take credit card payments at the job site, or give your customers the convenience of securely paying their bills online with a credit card using the RB Online Bill Pay feature.

Use the Inventory Look Up to check prices, quantities on hand in all warehouses, and reference all alternate part numbers. Do Physical Inventory in your truck by UPC code to always keep your inventory up to date.

Pool maintenance crews and service technicians can use the Time Clock on their mobile device to keep track of their hours. They can communicate with the store and office via RB Retail and Service Solutions Inner Office Messaging to stay current on price increases, customer calls, internal procedures and when special order parts arrive.