Point of Sale

Planning in the Off Season
October 22, 2013
Tools for Service Providers
October 31, 2013

Provide top notch customer service by presenting your store as the professional organization that your customers have learned to expect. RB Pool and Spa Software will provide speed and accuracy at the cash register and move lines faster. Scanning the products barcode labels ensures that all merchandise is sold at the correct price.

Easily track the status of all sales such as special orders, layaways, backorders, customer pick ups, deliveries, service and installations. Easily find, sell, and order over 20,000 pool and spa parts that are in stock and ready to ship same day through the integration with Optimus Online and RB Pool and Spa Software. Built in professional contracts with Smart Contracting™ capabilities, the Kit Creator and Insta-Kit™ for creating package deals on the fly with template guides will make your employees more efficient and help eliminate common mistakes that cost money. And no accounts receivables will be overlooked or lost in the shuffle when all sales and orders go through RB.

Retailers increase sales with the built in suggestion sell and general information features, event planner and Sign Design™, custom chemical maintenance calendars, and sales incentive programs. Utilize RB Pool and Spa Software Chemical Troubleshooting Handouts for consistency, professionalism and increased sales when your customer has a water problem and did not bring a sample to test. Sell Gift Cards or use them as complimentary credits or for sale promotions.

Take customer service to the next level by saving time at the lab and cash register with the new RB Water Lab Sync. When your store is busy, your lab is in use, and you need to see previous water test results, you can view them inside the cash register along with previous purchase history to quickly help your customers. View the water analysis profitability report for the profits earned from printout sales, and target areas where your salespeople need help to increase sales. RB Pool and Spa Software and RB POS sync with ALEX by BioGuard® and LaMotte’s WaterLink® DataMate 10 to link databases to save time at the lab and cash register.

Process credits cards with one swipe at the cash register and eliminate timely and costly mistakes. RB Pool and Spa Software, partnered with multiple processing companies, offers you the choice of which best fits your company’s needs.

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