“RB Pool and Spa Software has reorganized our company in a major way! All team members are kept current on customer projects, giving us the ability to provide great customer service. Their reliable, easy to understand billing system has reduced staff work on our office significantly.”
Stephen Schradin
Sparkling Clear Pool Care

“We have been using RB for over 10 years and never plan to switch! They are a great company to deal with and are always improving and adding new features to the program. We highly recommend the software to ALL pool & spa professionals!”
Eric Cassidy
Valley Pool & Spa

“I have had RB since 2008. It is great retail software. When you need help, they are there ready to help.”
Doreen Zettle
BZ Pools & Decks Inc

“We installed our Point of Sale system in January 2005 so that we could be ready for the upcoming season. From the very first day, the training by RB personnel was excellent and the support has been ongoing. The system is very user friendly and has made keeping track of our inventory and also our service calls a lot easier. I would recommend this system to everyone ...”
Nancy Sutton
Holiday Pools & Spas

“Their system is extremely user friendly...[and] RB Pool and Spa Software is just a phone call away when we need help. I would not hesitate recommending RB Pool and Spa Software to any...store that needs a user friendly, efficient, and comprehensive POS. All the people that work at RB are great, friendly and have an enormous amount of patience.”
Judy Zangrilli
Paradise Pool & Spa

“Very quick and helpful response from my technician we really appreciate the help. Thank you”
Michael Digiovanni
Water Works Roanoke, VA

“We have had the program for almost a year now. Even though we installed mid-season, they made it work with ease. To finally have better control of my inventory, customers, etc. After all these years, makes running this business much easier.”
Dan Carrol
Seven Seas Pools & Spas

“The customer support is awesome! Every time I call for help, they go above and beyond to fix the problem. Always patient and kind and very happy to help. Love them”
Trish Joyner
Georgia Spa Company

“We looked for quite a long time before we found RB , they were by far the best software for the pool and spa industry.”
Kim Carvalho
Cut Price Pools & Spas

"Thanks to RB Pool and Spa's Software and their great staff, we have been using their program since February 2005 and are very pleased. RB came, got us set up, showed us how to use it and we were off and running. Their support beats any other computer support we have had before...[and] the program is VERY user friendly."
Susan Payne
Payne Pools & Spas

“The staff at RB Pool and Spa Software have been extremely helpful in answering any questions. The continued updates from customers requests have been very helpful as well. As we prepare to open a second store we are looking forward to the connection this system will allow between the stores to make our work run smoother. We also enjoy being able to connect from our home computer and complete work from home.”
Cindy Rolenc
Aqua Palace

“What an eventful Winter, November 21, 2016, windows on my host computer decides shutdown and reinstall windows... my computer stop backing up in June. It's ok because I had setup off line backup with another company just need to make a call and down load the data. All is good right? Wrong, the data was not be backed up… (RB Tech Support) started installing everything back to normal. Now we are up and running and RB is doing our off site backup. I must say Logan and the tech support team has been phenomenal during this troubling time and have went out of their way to provide me with the most professional and knowledgeable service available. THANKS RB TECH SUPPORT!”
Billy Colquitt
All About Pools and Spas, LLC

“RB Pool and Spa works with us to customize their program to meet our needs on a regular basis. Stuart Bauer Pools & Spas, Inc. overall knows that the changes we have made by implementing RB Pool and Spa Software program have only just begun to improve the way we handle service, construction and retail.”
The Stuart Bauer Family
Stuart Bauer Pools & Spas

“Our first summer using the program has been a breeze. As RB Pool and Spa grows they are constantly adding updates to enhance the program. Many of the ideas are contributed from dealers that have been using the program. We have no regrets concerning purchasing this program, this being the 5th POS program we have purchased, I cannot say that about the other 4.”
Patte Jones
Backyard Oasis

“After 3 years, we still don’t regret the purchase. We would purchase again in a heartbeat! Every year we use more of the program. It just gets better! We feel it will be the last program we ever buy.”
Adam Jones
Backyard Oasis

“RB Pool and Spa Software has allowed our company to continue to grow, without the growing pains! We are doing more business, with happier customers and happier employees too.”
Tracy Dieselman
South Shore Pool Supply

“RB Pool and Spa Software allows us to monitor and maintain contact with our customers throughout the busy summer season. The transaction history feature is very helpful for helping customers with questions on chemicals and supplies they purchase throughout the season.”
DJ Geddes
Geddes Pools

“RB Pool and Spa Software has made a great point of sale software. It has made our retail store so much easier to operate and it helps keep track of our customers, inventory & ordering. The software is very easy to learn and customer support is only a phone call away. Everyone at RB Pool and Spa Software has been very helpful and understanding as we learn all about the new software. We highly recommend RB Pool and Spa to everyone.”
Stacy Benning
Gene Lilly Custom Pools

“In January of 2007 we installed RB Pool and Spa Software software. They worked with us customizing the system and helped us diligently thought all of our ups and downs with learning the new software. It has been the best thing we have done for our business in a long time. I highly recommend RB Pool and Spa Software.”
Sherry Buckman
Pride Pools & Spas

“I have been with RB Pool and Spa since April 2005; I have nothing but praise for the staff at RB Pool and Spa Software. Each & every time I call I talk to a real person and our problem or my goof-ups are corrected immediately. So thank you for being my business partner and may we continue being successful as partners.”
Paula Baker

“Our business runs so much more smoothly & efficiently since we started using RB. Their customer support is fantastic! We feel it was well worth the investment and it saves us time and money in running two stores. We’re very happy that we decided to try it.”
Donna Reed
Total Pool Care

“Until January 2007, Water Works Pools & Spa had been using a DOS based system developed for us in 1984! We love the RB Pool and Spa Software and enjoy the ‘at-a-phone-call’ support. This system does so many extra things that are just bonuses over the day to day software. I like that it was developed for pool people by a pool person! I’d put money on it that you would not be disappointed in the least if you chose to purchase RB Pool and Spa Software!”
Lynn White
Water Works

“Overall, we have been pleased with the system. It has taken us out of the dark ages of the DOS systems. We have enjoyed all of its features! RB has also proven very helpful in our times of need. Thank you!”
Chris Miner
Fisher Pools & Supplies

“Our questions were met easily and with examples which showed how much work RB put into designing the system... Our communications are met with great efficiency and effectiveness. We feel the team at RB has over performed with its support. Support with business management software is paramount, and RB provides strong, efficient answers and fixes. We feel we have a true partner in RB to help us maintain our successful business operations as well as strengthen it for years to come.”
Andy Babcock
Great Valley Pool Service