The Power Of Automation

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July 15, 2016
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Financial Planning and Review of Year End Reports

The Power of Automation

Are you maximizing RB Pool and Spa Software automation for your Accounts Receivables? As your customer base grows, so does the workload for sending Accounts Receivables. Why not make things simple? Check out these RB Pool and Spa Software Accounts Receivable features that will save your business time and money while making it more convenient for your customers:

Email – Forget the time consuming task of stuffing envelopes, bills can be sent via email saving valuable time. Emailing bills eliminates the expense of postage to send statements and invoices saving your business money. Using email for sending bills also leaves a paper trail that can be referred back to quickly and easily.

Online Bill Pay- Customers can pay their invoices from a home computer or any browser enabled device, thus allowing for easier payments and more convenience. Customers can see all their invoices in one place and can clearly manage what they owe. This empowers your customers to pay at their leisure and have the peace of mind that they are in control of their own payment information.

AR Batching: Charge multiple customers at once instead of applying payments individually. You no longer have to input charges every month, the payment terms you choose to apply are saved in AR to make recurring billing more efficient and convenient. Customers can also choose to have a primary credit card on file allowing multiple credit cards on their account in RB. Email receipts can automatically be sent after payments are applied. Statements for invoices with a declined payment are automatically printed for you to mail the customer.

To find out more about Accounts Receivable Batching view this video.

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