Tools for Service Providers

Point of Sale
October 29, 2013
Hiring Seasonal Staff
November 5, 2013

Take it to the field

Service providers maximize time in the field with the drag & drop color coded scheduler. It is easy to schedule jobs and make modifications, and the scheduler automatically tracks date changes for all appointments. Customized in-field service call slips, delivery tickets, inspection forms, checklists, drawing forms with customer information automatically inserted for each type of service you offer ensures that all infield work is thoroughly completed. Print itineraries and integrate to Microsoft MapPoint® to provide optimized routes.

Revolving service companies save time and money by reducing paperwork and errors with automation. Sales orders, invoicing and scheduling are created automatically for an unlimited number of customers at the touch of a button, and you are informed of scheduling conflicts.

Add the RB Mobile Live Smartphone app for service technicians to have what they need in real time to operate more efficiently than ever! They have immediate access to all updates done at the office and you save time in the office with instant updates of the work performed. View scheduled jobs, access all custom r profiles, record water test results, calculate chemical dosages, record water problems, add job notes, add products to orders, add special orders to PO’s, use Inventory Look Up, and do physical inventory with UPC codes. RB Mobile Live also integrates to Industrial Test Systems’ Pool Check® i portable test strip reader through the units Bluetooth connection for fast, accurate readings that automatically populate the Mobile Live screen.

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