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March 18, 2014
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September 1, 2014

The option for consumers to purchase pool and spa supplies online and at the big box stores is a growing concern for all pool and spa business owners. You are, however, fortunate that you provide services that they can’t get anywhere except at a store like yours. Your water analysis lab is one of the most valuable tools for offering exceptional customer service and boosting revenue. It offers a way to differentiate your store.

 Printout Training        

Product knowledge is the most important factor in selling all of the products on your water analysis printouts. It is not enough to know the basics about the products. You need to train your salespeople to understand the importance of balanced water. It is vital that they can explain the adverse effects of a low pH, metals, and other water test factors. They also need to understand water problems and treatments. Your salespeople need to plan how they will sell customers all of the chemicals recommended on the printouts. As a company rule, they should sell it all. The water test stations are accurate and dictate what the consumer needs. Don’t cut that short by allowing the false belief that some of the chemicals are optional.

Practice makes perfect

There is an art to following the printouts and giving the customer ownership by putting the products on the counter with confidence and discussing why they are important. Your salespeople need to move through the printouts quickly and assuredly. They need to start each printout knowing that the customer will buy everything. Print various water test scenarios and make copies for training. Each salesperson should practice on their own and role play with one other person. Since printout sales can take up to ten minutes, you don’t want people standing around too long just watching, you want them practicing. Practice includes putting all the chemicals on the counter each and every time.

Calendars and Troubleshooting Handouts

RB Pool and Spa Software compliments your water analysis program. RB prints maintenance calendars for your chemical systems on which includes the chemical dosages based on water volume. This keep customers coming back to your store because the calendar tells them when to add your chemicals to their pool or spa. Laminate the calendars and your customers will feel like they have received a free gift.RB Pool and Spa Software also provides customized chemical troubleshooting forms with the dosages inserted for customers who do not bring in a water sample. This gives the salesperson a cheat sheet to follow to ensure the customer gets everything they need. All of the products are highlighted in yellow so they can quickly grab what they need to put on the counter, the customer has a checklist to follow at home, and you build credibility at your store because all salespeople at all locations treat water problems the same.

Enthusiasm sells!

Your sales people must have confidence in themselves and their abilities. People buy based on their emotions so it is the job of the employees to increase sales & to get them excited about their pool or spa and help them understand the importance of proper water treatments and care.Your staff needs to smile. Body language and a smile are just as important as what is being said.

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